Pool Closing

Seasonal Closings / Winterization

We prepare your pool for a closure before the winter season arrives.

During the process, the water will be lowered to the recommended level below skimmers or skimmer plugs will be installed.

Any winterizing chemicals will be put in the water and circulated.

Filters and pump hoses will be taken off. All of the pool’s plumbing will be air blown and capped.

Sand filters backwashed, DE filters cleaned. Ice pillow installed if provided. Pool Winter Cover will be installed. Pump will be put where you would like to store it. All for your pool to be ready when the snow and the cold temps arrive!

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Would you like us to close and winterize your pool? Please leave it to the hands of our experienced crew members!

Have we mentioned we love pools?

Josh R.June 10, 2016

I love having my pool but I don’t have the time to open and close it every spring and fall. Luckily, Done Right Pools can do the work, all for an affordable price. I am able to enjoy my pool without the hassle that comes with it! Very Professional service and very courteous people. I recommend them to everyone I know that has a pool.

Mary B.October 14, 2016

My swimming pool needs to be winterized (and hence, unwinterized too), every single year. My husband works a very tight schedule, and my kids keep me quite busy too, so we do not have enough time to spare to do it all by ourselves. Thank God Done Right Lives up to their name! It’s a pleasure to deal with them every year.