Pool Openings

Pool Openings

Please call or email us early to schedule your pool closing.

We are most often called on for seasonal opening services, but also, to start up and clean pools that have been closed for two or more years. What ever the case, we come prepared to handle the job, and make common necessary repairs.

What’s Included

For In Ground Pools we remove mesh or solid safety cover, we fold and bag it, and put it where you want to store it. We super shock your pool. We de-winterize the filter and the pump, and assemble as necessary. We de-winterize the pool plumbing, removing plugs and installing water directional. We install the skimmer basket.We also brush the walls when appropriate.

For Above Ground Pools we will pump off a little water and remove some leaves to remove the cover. The cover is then removed and folded for you. We de-winterize your filter and pump and hook them up. We install the skimmer basket and the return bulls-eye. We super shock the pool.

What’s not included

The water should be pumped off the cover before we arrive, if you can’t pump it off let us know when you schedule. There is an additional charge. We expect a little water and some leaves on your cover, but we charge extra if we have to take twenty minutes to a half hour or more, to pump off your cover, and pull the leaves off. We do not vacuum the pool without an extra cleaning charge. We also do not install ladders for insurance reasons.

Extra Service Fees

If your pool needs extra services we charge $75.00 per half hour. Also we have a half hour minimum. If we have to come back to vacuum the pool, we would charge a $75.00 service visit, and then $75.00 for the vacuum. Most aboveground pools can be vacuumed in 30 minutes.






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Our customers are talking!

Josh R.June 10, 2016

I love having my pool but I don’t have the time to open and close it every spring and fall. Luckily, Done Right Pools can do the work, all for an affordable price. I am able to enjoy my pool without the hassle that comes with it! Very Professional service and very courteous people. I recommend them to everyone I know that has a pool.

Mary B.October 3, 2016

I have four kids! This means I have a very tight schedule, just like my husband who works all day, we do not have enough time to spare to do all the pool maintenance ourselves. Done Right pools makes it easy to open and close our pool every year! The guys are personable and respectful. I would recommend them to everyone who has a pool!